Big Cats Victoria

Seeking The Proof

Received 30/08/2009

"Hi ,just letting you know in late july about 6.45 pm coming home from Melbourne,on the Broadford road about 2kn from the golf course, I was heading to Broadford and, the other car was heading out of Broadford ,at that time I could see something on the side of the road ,but I could not make it out real good and I did not want to hit high beam as the other car was there but they hit high beam ,so I did to,and then came to a stop as this big black cat walk across the road in front of both the cars, after a few second we both drove off, I did not get out of my car and nor
did the other person, what I heard about the black cats, that they were not that long but this one was as long as the front of my car vt holden so ,I know I seen a big black cat, I told some friends 1 had heard about it and a friend who live in the mountains said they seen it about 4 years ago ,I just could not believe how close to the town it was."