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Book - Australian Big Cats cover imageMichael Williams and Rebecca Lang have produced a book on the subject of big cats in the Australian context. It was a book that was waiting to be written and they have done an admirable job.

Mike and his partner, journalist Rebecca Lang, have a passion for investigating the unexplained. Their web site, covers many aspects of otherwise poorly investigated phenomena and makes fascinating reading. However, they have now put into print a monumental amount of material, from my point of view, in regard to unexplained predators in the entire Australian context. This has now been contained in a new 440 page volume entitled Australian Big Cats...An Unnatural History of Panthers. It covers Australia from the cold south to the steamy north, across to the far west of the nation and even investigates the New Zealand situation.


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Big Cats by Rick MinterMany books have been written about claims that one or more species of exotic big cats exist in the wild in the British countryside.  Some of them have made interesting reading but none, to date, have come close to Rick Minter’s BIG CATS: FACING BRITAIN’S WILD PREDATORS.  Published in 2011 by Whittles Publishing Ltd, I have obtained a soft back copy of the 214 page work.

While Rick believes that he has made a couple of observations that strongly suggest he had seen big cats in the leopard/puma size range in the wild in Britain, he has wisely discounted these personal events from influencing his study.  Instead he systematically discusses the extensive range of anecdotal sighting reportage available from a number of areas of the country.  The great strength of this book is that it is structured to examine the value of sighting reports or anecdotes, and physical sign such as spoor and the remains of suspected kills.  There are no rambling speculations about possible origins of animals that might be responsible for the phenomenon but a very well organised history of big cat ownership in Britain. He then examines how changes in the law are, in all probability, the origin for a number of illegal and therefore highly secretive releases.

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BIGCATS VICTORIA would like to acknowledge the generous support that FORD Australia, in relation to the new FORD PUMA, has given us for our ongoing search for evidence of big cats in Victoria.